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Wood Deck Design & Alternatives

Deck surfaces are available in a variety of materials. Natural wood, pressure treated wood, and composite materials are all possibilities a homeowner needs to consider for their deck. Obviously there are advantages to each, and each has its limitations. Decking made of natural wood has a beauty unmatched by other materials but has regular maintenance requirements. Cedar, Mahogany, and Iron Wood (IPE) as a decking surface, requires some maintenance on a regular basis also. All can be stained to the owners color preference. Manufactured decking requires much less maintenance but some, never the less. It is generally a composite of wood and a plastic. These materials come in variety of colors, wood grains and profiles. This material has minimal maintenance and is the choice of many homeowners.

The Deck and Patio has a number of many different materials for both decking and rails on display at their design studio from various vendors. It should be noted that the underlying deck structure is built with pressure treated wood for any of the decking surfaces mentioned. This is required for strength, rigidity, and long life.

When we design a deck, we take into consideration, proper space planning to allow room for tables, chairs, barbeques, food prep areas and other features you would like to incorporate into your deck. When creating a design we take into consideration the size of the property and the ability to maintain views. We employ the use of wide stairs, called wrap around stairs, to keep that open air feeling to the area. The beauty of the landscape beyond can be brought onto the deck through the use of built in planters. Socializing is made simple and beautiful through the addition of custom seating built into the deck in a "L" Shape or 3 sided bench. Railings can be tailored through the use of manufactured rails and modifications that we have custom designed ourselves.

All of our decks are built to code including concrete footings 36" deep and 12" diameter. Our decks are designed to be safe and unique. For those clients not wishing to go with the traditional rectangular deck, an angular (octagonal), rounded, or curved deck and rails can be designed to suit their outdoor needs. Decks are built to bring the outdoor space up to the same level as the home. When faced with a steep slope, a higher deck can lead down to a lower deck creating multiple levels. A deck built around a portable hot tub gives the appearance of a built-in spa and grants easy access to the spa.

Composite Decks

Trex Decking

Trex decking is the composite material most often used by Deck and Patio. It has the longest history of use and experience has shown its durability and adaptability. Trex is also our choice since the Deck and Patio Company is only one of eight contracting firms, nationwide, that provides advice to the manufacturer as a member of the Trex Advisory Board. We know the quality of the product and the care the manufacturer uses in its production specifications. Trex also shows its environmental concerns by using recycled materials in the manufacture of its decking.

Advantages of Trex Composite Decking

All Trex decking is available in grain or smooth and a variety of colors such as the new Brasila which has the look of IPE and the durability and low maintenance of composite materials. All of the choices can be seen on display in our new design and display studio. We can install deck materials made by TimberTech, Azek and EverGrain. If there is a particular desire to use an alternate brand, Deck and Patio's expert installers can and have used these products to their best advantage.

Wood Decks

Cedar Decking

Western Red Cedar is one of the most beautiful, natural deck materials you can use. It is largely straight grained, reddish in color, and has a soft burnished look. Cedar has natural insect resistance, and decay properties. Cedar is quite dimensionally stable and lies flat and stays straight. Your cedar deck will also have sound suppression and absorption qualities. It does require some additional TLC to remain beautiful. This is a choice for those who are willing to go the extra step in maintenance to retain the beauty of a soft looking, wood deck.

Mahogany Decking

Mahogany is a lumber of extreme density. It has interlocking grains which prevent separation between annual growth rings. It is very stable. It comes in clear grades only. The color range goes from a light tan to a deep auburn brown. It does not contain tannins as some other woods do.


Mahogany is a hardwood and naturally resists splintering, rot and especially wear. It is ideal for outdoor use. Mahogany also has a tendency not to split, twist, or check and is naturally resistant to insects. There are several species of mahogany imported from a variety of countries. They are not all the same. It is the American Mahogany that has the rich red color that most of us are familiar with. American Mahogany comes from Central and South America, the West Indies, and Mexico. This lumber is now farmed and harvested so as to insure its ecological sustainability. Since mahogany is so dense and hard, we take great care during installation. Air guns have the power to penetrate mahogany's dense grain. We use stainless steel nails/screws as fasteners. We also provide the option of hidden fasteners with this premium wood at a slight increase in cost. Mahogany will weather to a beautiful silver gray if left untreated. If the rich red russet color is desired, some clear coat preservatives can be used to keep the color intact. This is about the only maintenance required other than an occasional cleaning.

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