Outdoor Fireplace Landscape Design

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Outdoor Fireplace Landscape Design

Outdoor Fireplace Landscape Design

An outdoor stone fireplace can be used all year long. There is nothing like sitting around the fire during a cool night, whether it be El Dorado Hills winter, spring, summer or fall, and enjoying the warmth and dancing light that the fire evokes. Your outdoor landscape designed fireplace will soon become a gathering spot for family and friends, and rather than running indoors as soon as the mercury dips, you will find yourself drawn to sit by your stone fireplace outdoors instead.

Holiday time is an especially wonderful time to enjoy outdoor natural stone fireplaces. Even though the weather outside may be frightful, the glow of an outdoor stone fireplace is truly delightful. Grab a mug of hot cocoa or warm apple cider, don a hat and some warm mittens, and enjoy the glow and warmth of an outdoor fireplace during the holiday season. Stone fireplace mantels can be decorated for the holidays with outdoor lights, garland and wreaths, just as if they were indoors, and can greatly add to the holiday cheer. You will find that the memories you make while gathered outdoors around the stone fireplace hearth are ones that you will not soon forget.

Most common types of landscape design stone fireplaces:

Limestone fireplace - Limestone is a very durable and very attractive stone that is often used in the construction of fireplaces. It holds up well to heat and can also withstand cold, wind and rain.

Sandstone fireplace - Similar to limestone, sandstone is a durable and attractive material that works well in the construction of outdoor fireplaces.

Stacked stone fireplace - Stacked stone fireplaces are more natural and rugged in looks and can be a beautiful addition to any backyard space. They are constructed by stacking individual stones in a pattern to create a stone fireplace surround that is unique and beautiful.

Stone veneer fireplace - When you want the look of stone, without the expense of solid natural stone, you can build a stone veneer fireplace. The cost of these outdoor fireplaces is lower than other models because there is only a layer of stone fireplace facing along the outside edges of the fireplace but the interior of the fireplace is constructed from a less expensive and easily molded material, such as concrete.

Cast stone fireplace – Cast stone fireplaces are a great option for the outdoors because you do not have to worry about individual stones chipping, falling off or becoming loose. In a cast stone fireplace, the material used is similar to a poured concrete that is carved, finished and designed to look like natural stone. Since it is all one solid piece, it is a very durable option for locations that are subject to extreme weather.

Faux stone fireplace – Faux stone fireplaces can be used outdoors in some climates, but in more extreme climates they may not hold up as well as some other outdoor fireplace designs because they are not made from natural stone.

No matter what type of landscape design stone fireplace you select for outdoor use, adding an outdoor kitchen will add a warmth and charm to your outdoor living space that is unsurpassed by just about any other type of object that you can add to your backyard. One of the nicest aspects of having an outdoor fireplace in your backyard is how much more often you can enjoy your outdoor space, even as the weather begins to cool off. Rather than being holed up indoors all winter long, you can get outside and enjoy the crisp, cool air as you warm your fingers and toes next to a roaring fire. Your holiday celebrations will also be unique and memorable when they can be enjoyed outdoors, cozied up to your outdoor stone fireplace.

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