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Planting Trees and Shrubs for any size front or backyard in El Dorado Hills

Landscaping El Dorado Hills

Tree & shrub landscape design come in all shapes and sizes. How you select your trees and shrubs and how you plant them will directly affect your home's comfort and energy efficiency. Trees and shrubs have a life span of many years and can become more attractive and functional with age. But poor planning of  improvements often creates trouble. Ensure proper plant landscape garden placement and minimal maintenance before you plant!

Landscape Tree Shape Characteristics

Tree and garden landscape shapes are very diverse think of the difference in shape between an oak and a spruce. The density of a tree's leaves or needles is important to consider. Dense evergreens, like spruces, make great wind- breaks for winter winds. If you are just looking to impede summer winds, choose a tree or shrub with more open branches and leaves. Such trees are also good for filtering morning sun from the east, while denser trees are better for blocking harsh afternoon summer sun.

Landscape Tree Growth

Should you plant slow-growing or fast-growing tree species? Although a slow-growing tree may require many years of growth before it shades your roof, it will generally live longer than a fast-growing tree. Also, because slow-growing trees often have deeper roots and stronger branches, they are less prone to breakage by windstorms or heavy snow loads.

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