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Landscape Hardscapes are the finishing touch to your landscape design project. Hardscaping is a very artful application of landscaping stone that will enhance the natural elements that you've already employed; mainly your plants & softscape. And the aesthetic and functional use of stone can even raise the value of your property.  Without the skillful arrangement of stone and other landscape hardscape components, the most artistic of landscapes would lack a frame to say it simply.

For many, a boulder at a driveway entrance, with their name/address painted on it or chiseled into it, will suffice. But the possibilities are limited only by the time you wish to spend on your landscape hardscape or by the money you are willing to pay professionals to do it for you.

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For some landscape hardscape projects, you will need to combine your landscaping stone with mortar or perhaps use concrete, brick, or tile, instead of stone. These and other variations must be considered when taking on one of the most popular landscape hardscape projects.

Whether composed of concrete, stone, or some other landscape hardscape material, patios are a wonderful way to tie the indoors the outdoors, thereby uniting house and landscape effectively and creating outdoor living spaces. In regions plagued by drought, or for homeowners who want a low-maintenance landscape design, an interesting alternative to lawns is the extended patio, which is simply an enlarged patio that takes up space where lawn grass would otherwise be planted.

Most common El Dorado Hills landscape design hardscape projects we see:

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